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Story: Old Victorian London 1888

During the period of Jack The Ripper murders, the media, police and other officials had received a sea of letters. The Whitechapel Murders had created such a media frenzy that many local citizens found it irresistible to not want to be a part of this sensational investigation.

Some of the letters were sent by concerned citizens offering their support in the ongoing investigation, yet hundreds of letters were written by pranksters – with the intent of taunting police.

Apart from a few well-intentioned letters from Whitechapel citizens hoping to aid police in their efforts to apprehend Jack the Ripper, the bulk of these letters were crass, distasteful or simply worthless.

A Natural Records Studios Production based on the Movie Script written by Hostan H. Gouthier the creator of the BeatsofHell Tales and its original BeatsofHell Music “Pythagoras” also Written & Composed by Hostan H. Gouthier, Victus Vincimus Veterans Revenge is also Directed by Hostan H. Gouthier.

The production & game will be available on PS4, PSVR & XBOX networks and consoles.

“Take on JacktheRipper if you dare”