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    We Are the Alternative Entertainment Network, Movies Without Propaganda.

    The Hawk’s beliefs are that the music is pure as it is an expression of the soul and the reality of this dimension we all live in. A Great Soul once said; ‘There are no crazy people, only those without souls and those with soul’! Beats of Hell are undertaking a very bold task, the task of producing sounds that touch the soul with the sole goal to empower the latter.

    The Beats of Hell sounds, they are RAW not mastered, not over produced; we let you enjoy first and foremost THE MUSIC and its entire purity and innocence! Not that our music will not go through mastery, but we vow to introduce to you our MUSIC in its complete innocence!

    There are no crazy people, only those without souls and those with soul! -The Hawk

    Natural Records Studios strive to achieve the height, and the dimension of the GREATS went and the journey they took their legions of fans trough the creation of GOOD NATURAL MUSIC. We hope your spirit is hungry, thirsty & ready enough as ours to welcome new artists who are channeling LEGEND’S heights & Journey! In the STATE of the music world, nowadays. It is indeed BOLD but required! – The Hawk

    Welcome to Natural Records Studios, tomorrow’s cinema today. We are here to bring you our music, games our stories and our movies delivered to the world in a unique way… based on content which originates from a true artistic appreciation of life, a freedom of expression in its purest form… Our music is rooted deep within and soars to the beat of our hearts, shaped by the voice of our soul. Today, it is our own reality, tomorrow, we hope it will be yours.

    Natural Records Studios is an Alternative Entertainment Network, Movies, Music without dogmas and propaganda. Natural Records Studios’ Music is RAW not over produced; we let you enjoy first and foremost the music and its entire purity and innocence!

    Our entire productions consists of 3 elements The Music, The Movie, The Game; they always come together, they can’t be one without the other as the true essence and roots of our productions primarily comes from the music written, produced and composed by The Hawk, we humbly call our productions “New Musical” !

    As a team, we hope to bring you meaningful music, powerful movies and challenging games that will impact you. As a team we expect to effect change… change in ourselves, change in you and change in the world. Join us here to experience a new revelation… The Natural Records Studios experience!

    We are a registered organization and a company whose network is constantly growing. As an entertainment technology group, we love to innovate especially when it comes to Music, Films and Games.



    We focus especially in CGI Animation for our productions, maximizing the use of the latest technologies and software programs with the talent of our young and creative artists like our own VFX/CGI Director Toussaint Louverture H Gouthier a relentless and self‐motivated professional with passion for the new and different!

    Distance is no longer a limit THERE ARE NO LIMITS; today Artist can not only digitize their work they can also digitize themselves via CGI and 3D animation providing a multitude of ways to promote themselves and showcase their crafts in games via this entertainment juggernaut! The recipe and ingredients is simple

    1. Talent

    2. Following (Social Media)


    Those are the 2 main ingredients required in to process a sophisticated successful digitization of the artist with the sole ambition to become an active physical character in a video game, understanding the Value of the video game market in the United State market was estimated to be worth 15.1 billion U.S. dollars and PwC expects revenues to reach 19.6 billion by 2019

    Newzoo predicts that “at this pace, global revenues will reach $107 billion in 2017,” according to a release today. Last year, the company said that the market would be worth $102.9 billion by 2017.

    This is the future this where its going and it’s where we are now, it’s a reality to us, performing artist should digitize and intertwine themselves with video games !

    “Video games now outperform Hollywood movies”

    Money changes everything. When the video game industry was a multi-million (with an M) dollar business, quick game cash-ins were necessary. Top games ten years ago hauled in hundreds of millions worldwide. Those were few, and in 1995 games with movie licenses accounted for a significant percentage (6 of the top 25 most popular games) of those paltry millions.

    Now the tables have turned. Box office revenues are hitting 36.4 billion with roughly 4% growth each year, according to Statista.com a varied industry statistics website. With global film industry revenues across all markets reaching 88 billion USD, these once titanic figures have been eclipsed by video game industry numbers. According to the same site, the video game market in 2015 (across all platforms) is reaching 115.06 billion. These statistics are probably not a complete and accurate picture of PC gaming revenue hauls. Valve’s STEAM distribution platform quietly rakes in huge chunks of revenue while disclosing little information on sales. These revenue estimates therefore are on the modest side. Yet demonstrate that the game market has evolved into an entertainment juggernaut.

    Natural Records Studios strive to be the first to bring hyper realistic characters to Music and their associated MTV, Films and Games… We strive to achieve new heights, providing a new dimension, one followed by the GREATS as they paved the way for their legions of fans to the creation of GOOD NATURAL MUSIC, Films and Games through the digitization of performing artist like Musicians and Actors.

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