The Importance of Planning Prior To Game Design

You have a game idea but you are stuck and don’t know how to implement it. I understand that this can be very frustrating. Planning ahead of time, putting the Game Design in place must be prepared before doing anything else.


Planning is very crucial in every endeavor in life, without planning, there is a higher percentage of failing. A plan includes a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something. A proposal is a plan or suggestion. especially a formal or written one put forward for consideration or discussion by others.

game design planningA plan helps you succeed by putting your objectives on paper. It is HOW you will go from having a terrific concept to a fantastic game. A strategy can be broken down into goals, objectives, and jobs. Objectives are broad and general, goals specify and measurable which when total attain a goal, and tasks are really specific things that you have to do to meet an objective. Your daily work can be broken down into jobs. The tasks when ended up total goals and the goals when finished satisfy goals.

Your game plan needs to be just as detailed. Your objectives are not actually straight quantifiable aside from understanding when you are ended up. Your goals need to be detailed so you can examine whether the jobs that you are finishing are actually working to accomplishing the goals.

Plans are constantly subject to change. Your game plan will alter as you experience the realities of game development. You will have new ideas and there will be things that you have not accounted for as you establish your video game. Developing a plan does not mean setting your entire job in stone, but rather it is a general road map for success. You might take some insane detours but as long as you monitor your goal you will ultimately arrive at your destination!

One thing a plan will do is force you to challenge the truth of your concept. If your game design requires 100 unit types, however, you can only make one unit type a week, then by making a plan, you will find that it will take 100 weeks worth of time. If you understand early that your plan calls you making units for somewhat over two years then you are likely to modify your plan to something more reasonable.

In reality, estimating how long something will take is hard. The best strategy for this is to break the task up into extremely small jobs where each job can be performed in hours rather than days. Then approximate each little task and increase by 1.5. If you realistically believe a job will take you 5 hours, then multiply it by 1.5 and you will wind up with 7.5 hours for the task. Accumulate all the little tasks with the “additional” time integrated into. The more you can break down a task, the more precise your price quotes will be. If you are not familiar with a task then you might even multiply by an even larger number (2 or more) to your hour price quote to truly ensure that there is time for the unexpected.

Video game development takes a huge investment of time. Even reasonably simple video games can still take months of development time to finish. If you find yourself not making progress as fast as you would like, examine your time log and try to see if you can discover methods to utilize time better.

What To Plan

game designBy taking a look at your game design document, you will be able to recognize on what to plan. Your game design file or GDD contains all of the information about your video game. It has the story, characters, level, environments and whatever else that you need to make your game. Your game design is detailed enough when you can have somebody off the street read your game design and they can play your game begin to complete on a sheet of paper. Even if you are just someone putting all of your ideas down in a GDD indicates that you cannot forget them (and if you don’t write your concepts down you WILL forget them).

For an appropriate GDD, you will need sketches of your characters and levels, backstory, character biographies, and all sorts of other supporting info. You actually have to put in a lot more information then will make your final video game since your job with a GDD is to obtain everybody working on the video game (including yourself) on the exact same page. If anybody has a concern about your game they need to have the ability to address it by reading your game design document. If they cannot answer the concern then your GDD is not detailed enough. If your game design document is not detailed enough then it is not total!

Some individuals will inform you that you do not “require” a game design document. Some individuals might be able to obtain away with not appropriately creating a game. It is likely that you will not be one of those individuals, and if you overlook your design then it is likely that your job will stop working. Think about creating a style and a plan like a method to improve the chances. It is not ensured but it improves your opportunities of having an effective video game. Chances are if you can stick to a concept long enough to create a detailed game design and a plan then you have a concept worth carrying out!

Below are things I believe all good game designs should have:

  • Character backstory
  • Character sketches
  • Level sketches
  • Flow chart of the game execution
  • Sketches of the game UI

Programming (What Engine Should Be Used?)

You now have a game design and a plan. The engine that you select is figured out by your technical requirements.

game design programmingYour technical requirements actually depend upon your technical style and your technical design depends on your game design. Eventually, your choice of an engine depends upon exactly what sort of video game your game design is stating you are going to make! There are a number of elements that affect what technology to pick for your video game including the game mechanics, the schedule, industrial vs complimentary, and so on.

Typically for beginners, the statement is that the options of engine/tech do not actually matter, and to a particular level that holds true … Nevertheless for bigger projects that choice can begin to have meaning. For instance, does the target innovation support the platforms that you wish to work on, does the engine support 2D or 3D, if the video game is for sale just how much will the engine expense from revenues, what sort of asset pipeline does the engine assistance, etc.

Unreal and Unity are relatively equivalent, however, they do have distinctions. You may pick Unreal if you have a very art heavy video game that required high graphics performance. You may choose Unity if you have a smaller sized video game however actually have to have complete control over the video game logic and if you are more comfortable in C# over C++. Individuals may try to argue for one over another and any examples provided might simply start a flame war, nonetheless, the point is that there is usually a rational behind adopting one innovation over another.



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