JADE — The Holy Grail Achieved The Dawn of Sentient Machines Jade created by Natural Records Studios, is powered by METATRON, which is an emotion synthesis engine that delivers high-performance machine emotion awareness. Today, Jade's emotional processing unit displays real-time facial emotions, listens to speech and generates a natural-language response. Jade is predominantly an Artist, eventually,

Canada’s game development industry ranks among the largest of any country in the world, and according to the latest data from the Entertainment Software Association of Canada (ESAC), it just keeps growing. NPD Group for the Entertainment Software Association of Canada (ESAC) conducted a new research which shows that two thirds of Canadians, or 23

The show business is abuzz with comics being adjusted fully screen. Not just is it rewarding for Hollywood to generate comic publication personalities, but also for the comic publication industry also. There have been reduced spending plan motion pictures and television series based upon the more prominent comics. Typically the reduced budget plan movies do not get on well.

Game Developer 2.0

-  is a recap on how as an Indie game developer (Natural Records Studios) develop our upcoming game Victus Vincimus Veterans Revenge Game. As a game developer, we focus on creating a unique VR experience for the game development. As we all know VR is a highly growing platform not only for the gaming industry but as well as  on Education, Marketing, Military and other applicable sectors.

What Is Virtual reality (VR)?

Virtual Reality can be referred to as immersive multimedia or computer-simulated reality, imitates a setting that simulates a physical presence in position in the real life or an imagined environment, allowing the user to connect in that world. Virtual reality (virtual realities) artificially design physical encounters, which could consist of sight, touch, hearing, and also scent.