The Advantages of CGI Animation

With the attention of CGI Animated motion pictures as "Lord of the Rings" and "Jurassic Park", the success of computer animation have been brought dramatically into concentration. These days people use computer animation for more than just motion pictures. It has its applications in a range of industries, varying from building renderings to legal animation to space environments created by establishments like NASA. However, regardless of some incredible uses, this type of animation does have its limitations. Understanding when to use hand-drawn work as opposed to computer animation will aid most projects continue to be on course.

Processes in CGI Animation:

The processes in CGI animation  is usually undertaken by many individuals, with different people performing on each process of the animation production. CGI Animation is a very complicated process that takes several procedures in order to go from a simple concept to complete an animation. There are five major processes in CGI animation: Script, Storyboard, Layout, Animation, and Final Revision. Each process demands mindful preparation and loads of work.

CGI-Animated Films:

Why are CGI-animated films so costly? A regular CGI film a-la Pixar- costs an equivalent amount to a live action movie, hundreds of millions of dollars most likely. Budget on a live action shoot goes on physical areas, sets, props, explosions, stunts, etc. But with a CGI motion picture it's a different story. When a lot of individuals think of CGI (computer generated imagery), they conclude of a motion picture with unique effects or flying company logos. But CGI animation, in addition, can be applied to imagine complex concepts that would be complicated to explain in any other way.