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The Bestseller Formula

Do want your story to end up being a bestseller? Adhere to an easy formula: thriller + 13 previous publications + 4 awards.

Increasingly more these days, authors are thought about responsible for their very own success– as well as those who were once in charge of advertising them now promote the glories of self-promotion.

With the variety of social and antisocial media at hand, you have endless chances to get to every single participant of your possible viewers.

Words You Never Knew Came From Literature

All words are made up, but where did these words come from? Some words we use every day come to us from books and plays, and we may never have known it! Ranging from sources such as a 12th century epic poem to a 20th century horror novel, these are 15 words that writers have given us.

Banned Books Infographic Chart

The people over at have put together a remarkable infographic specifying the record of several books that are forbidden through out the world.