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“THE BLUES” Conspiracy or Curse? – Otis Redding

I’ll start.

Jim Croce – The 30-year old man, with 5 hit singles in 1973, plane crashed the DAY BEFORE his new song “I Gotta Name” was released, and just a few days his retirement from music. After Croce’s death, his wife received a letter telling her he wanted to retire from music to write short stories and movie scripts, and spend more time with his son AJ.  Now, before you call me a conspiracy theorist, you have to understand that entertainers are nothing more than commodities to the ptb, and that their only goal is to maximize profits. The timely death of Jim Croce accomplished that with balls on. Not only did his death ensure that his newly released single would be a hit, it all but guaranteed he would never be forgotten, hence securing future sales. 

The Kuleshov Effect

Whenever I play video games, I think of movies. I’m not suggesting contemporary movies; those are smart, well composed and mature, every little thing video games are not. I indicate pre-1900s films, specifically the shorts cranked out at Thomas Edison’s Black Maria workshop.