Does Playing Violent Video Games Affects Aggressiveness Permanently?



The Grand Theft Auto video games series is one of the most rewarding titles of all time. With profits summing up to $800 million in the initial 24 hours of purchase of its most recent video game release. This video game is also famous for its brutality; it stays one of the only games where a player can inquire the services of a prostitute and then beat her to death to get back the cash.

Due to its level of popularity and the level of brutality, the game is often the concentration of focus in the course of these discussions (e.g. Kutner & Olson, 2008). The public wants to know what impact is in participating in VVGs like Grand Theft Auto 5 contains.

Teenagers enjoy video games for an average of seven hours a week, and some are even estimated to play video games up to 13 hours. Individuals who engage in extended video game play are more likely to choose outrageous video games identifying the impact of VVGs like Grand Theft Auto has never been more crucial.

Firstly, let’s talk about the benefits of VVG Games.The advantage of video game play is uncontroversial. It is thought that the innate aspects of the video game can strengthen learner encouragement allowing active participation rather than the passive reception and improve the growth of abilities through repeated process. Learning games can be made to instruct primarily isolated skill-sets or cultivate vast conclusions like problem-solving.

According to (Barlett, Branch, Rodeheffer, & Harris, 2009) the effects of violent video games don’t last long and don’t seem to change the behavior of choices of the players. Although aggressive feelings and thoughts evoke while playing the game. These emotions only last less than four minutes; aggressive behavior and increased heart rate continues for nine minutes.

The sensation of short-term violent computer game effect has been held as reality. Because of the 1980s studies, this was misconceived. The 1980’s studies focused on participation at arcades. At-home gaming consoles were rare since the studies conducted in the last few years have started to check out game attributes besides physical violence as the primary cause of aggression.

New generations of computer game are much more innovative compared to previous generations. Early research study designs had an enough list of video games title to select from. Modern-day video games could decide on games that finest represent the exact dishes needed (e.g. high competition, reduced violence; strong disappointment, reduced violence; excellent teamwork, high violence). The prolonged stove of video game kinds has permitted studies to regulate for attributes to establish their precise inter-relationship.

After reading different posts and also researches relating to the impact of VVGs, I thought and also believed that these sorts of games creates such fierce habits among those that play these types of gaming. After that, I understand to name a few that checks out various studies that it is not true. Although fierce video games could induce aggressiveness, the “violent computer game effect” is temporary and also does not transfer to individuality.

Additionally, the culprit in VVG is not the violence. Individuals become upset due to video game kinds, tools, and also the social facets of a video gaming. Think about the last time you rage-quit HALO. Was it because the inherent physical violence of the narrative ultimately wore you down? Or was it that a 13-year old from Wisconsin noob-tubed you while shouting homophobic put-downs?

Granted, eating numerous hours of unfettered blood and also gore cannot be healthy. Apparently, no person is suggesting you embellish your 5-year old’s birthday celebration event with a Witcher 3 style. Although it’s alluring to think that physical violence in video games translates to the real life, there is simply insufficient proof to support it.

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  • August 18, 2015

    interesting article! in answer to the are games responsible for violence pr bad attitudes in real life… i think it’s down to circumstances – i grew up listening to gangsta rap and watching violent movies. i’m not a gamer but love grand theft as u don’t have to be great paying to enjoy it. if u treat it as fun and tongue in cheek it’s not harmful. good parenting and heathy education are the keys to having these things in ones life (lets face it, while man causes wars for money, we can hardly lay all the blame on a game!) is having the tools to be able to take it for what it is, just a game. same as movies and music, they are important factors in shaping people but are far from the only ones (or should be). 🙂

    • hawk
      January 10, 2016

      It all depends on the player’s mind really! Weak minds will always find a reason to justify its weakness !

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