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The Future Of CGI Animation: Virtual Reality

There has been an intensified attention in virtual reality which has led to some amazing new innovations for society as a whole. This technological innovation is viewed as a major contender rather than something which belongs in sci-fi films and games only.

Virtual reality has a wide array of apps which range from gaming and entertainment through to medicine, engineering, military training, scientific visualization and business.

If keen observers of video game motion picture and CGI movies think the computer visuals look fantastic now, the next wave is going to be amazing.

There have been several CGI films that are VERY close to being realistic, and as technology grows more and more in this area, so will the feel of realistic CGI create a whole new cinematic world for us to explore.

Here’s when virtual reality and realistic environments and characters come into play. Computer generated faces and bodies and environments are not new. The question really is how real the characters and environments are and that you can never tell which is real and which is computer generated.

The future of gaming and films is towards the virtual reality. Virtual reality has advanced rapidly in the past couple of years. From gaming to films and to all other various of industries Virtual Reality is adapted. Although VR is currently limited but it’s development has come faster than expected.

I have seen games in VR and its environments and characters are still far from being realistic. Aiming for a hyper-realistic cgi animation and cgi animated characters with environments is not achieved yet. Although there are games that are currently in the pipeline which promise new ways of using virtual reality to push the boundaries between the player and the environment.


But as with any technology, there are challenges concerning the functionality of this system. There are still some restrictions before virtual reality gaming takes advantage of the mainstream. For starters the headsets cost hundreds of dollars, making them over priced for most gamers. Programmers are creating all kinds of virtual reality games, but Oculus’ parent company was obtained by Facebook and wants to use its technology for film rather than gaming, hindering the development of the major player in the market. Until the technology becomes more available and the prices comes down, there won’t be an opportunity to examine the tech with the consumer market.


How Does Virtual Reality Affect Us?

We expect that virtual reality is an encouraging significance upon our lives and is not likely to create any concerns. But this is a form of technology which is creating all the time and as a result, can throw up problems which had not been formerly considered.There are physical issues which are due to unsatisfactory functional designs and then there are psychological issues. There are moral and ethical concerns about this technology which are discussed in greater detail in our virtual reality and ethical issues section.

Physical effects of virtual reality

One of the main challenges with virtual reality is motion sickness (cybersickness). Some people are influenced by this after using only 30 minutes in a virtual environment whilst others can go several hours before they discover any ill outcomes.

It is not obscure for people to suffer from nausea after devoting a period of time in a virtual environment which is due to the results the shift in understanding has on balance. Our balance is influenced by transformations in the inner ear which results in emotions of nausea often experienced by people when travelling on a ship or some other form of transport.


Time constraints

One complication with virtual reality is time: it takes a long period of time to produce a virtual environment which may not be fantastic info for any commercial enterprise wishing to commit in this technology. Time is money in the business world. The more realistic a virtual world the longer it will take. It takes an excessive amount of time to make an environment which is tantamount from the real thing, for example, a 3D walk-through of a structure which can a year or more to accomplish.

With Natural Records Studios, we have uncover a way to develop different environments in a shorter time span. Check below one of the the environments we created for Victus Veterans’ Revenge Jack The Ripper – London 1888 The Ripper’s Hall – VR Environment.

Premature formats of virtual reality featured blocky looking graphics and primitive renderings which did not take prolonged to generate but would not comply with today’s ever increasing requirements. Consumers want faster, smoother and lifelike scenarios which make greater needs on processing speed, memory and rendering time.

There has to be a symmetry between hyper-realism and production time.

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