Game Developer 2.0 – Learning CGI Animations

Game Developer 2.0

–  is a recap on how as an Indie game developer (Natural Records Studios) develop our upcoming game Victus Vincimus Veterans Revenge Game. As a game developer, we focus on creating a unique VR experience for the game development. As we all know VR is a highly growing platform not only for the gaming industry but as well as  on Education, Marketing, Military and other applicable sectors.

When we talk about Virtual Reality, do you visualize a person putting on a huge headgear linked to a computer system with a thick cable? Do discoveries of inexcusably transcribed pterodactyls torment you? Do you think of Neo and Morpheus shuffling concerning the Matrix? Or do you recoil at the word, hoping it would certainly simply vanish?

If the last applies to you, you’re likely a computer scientist or engineer. Many of which currently stay away from the words virtual reality even while they work on modern technologies most of us connect with VR.

“Virtual Reality (VR) has actually been talked about for many years. The market should start developing content for this brand-new as well as potentially “game-changing” system as promptly as feasible. And no, that does not indicate shoehorning current games to just simply “work” on a VR system. It implies constructing brand-new video games from scratch. Specially customized to the virtual reality experience.

If the web content fails to wow consumers, then they will not pay numerous bucks to obtain a Virtual Reality system. This will indicate that VR will certainly pass away a quick death, equally as it was in the 1990s”


The Market is Ready for a Change

“The computer game sector is growing– quick. The ordinary age of a “player,” that is, someone that plays computer game regularly, is currently 37. That’s up from last year when the standard can be found in at around 35 years of ages.

Web content makers, mostly are graying players themselves, have actually become lazy. They have failed to introduce on both the equipment as well as material side of the business, estranging potential young consumers while angering older gamers that crave something more recent than simply another Call Of Duty.

The outcome of all this timeless and innovative laziness is a diminishing market. Computer game sales in the United States peaked in 2010, at $17 billion. It has fallen gradually since, striking just $15.4 billion in 2014. This is expected to continue unless the sector discovers a new life source, as well as fast.” important point;

Young People

“They (young people) aren’t interested due to the fact that the web content doesn’t speak to them. Mobile is the ‘fastest’ expanding section of the market, it is naturally in reverse looking offered the technical and also ergonomic restraints of the marketplace. Either the video games need to be extremely basic (and also forgettable), like Candy Crush, or they have to be disrobed (worse) versions of console video games.”

Indie Studios

Indie Studios are the studios that are making the best games recently: small, independent, and relatively new. They’re not bogged down by marketing, ridiculous release schedules. Generating income is not the main focus but the expense of making games that people love to play. They don’t over-hype: they take risks and make games that don’t follow in the steps of others.”

Which brings me to a very important element of this article, “The Environment” or “Movie Set”


Virtual Reality Environment


In VR Development, most virtual reality games don’t live up to the realism that they hoped for. Many fall back on the quality of their virtual reality environments, they’re usually uncanny or pixelated. That’s why many (game developer) game developers find it crucial to keep their VR titles from becoming decimated or pixelated. It takes the player away from feeling like they’re in an actual world. But most importantly, preventing the frame rate from dropping, which prevents players from feeling like it’s reality.

It separates them into feeling like there are in this strange world and the reality in which they’re actually living in. As a game developer, we want to prevent that and give the player a seamless experience. An experience like they walked in from one room to the next. An experience that there is no differentiation between reality and the virtual reality environment in the game.


As a game developer, in order to really enhance the experience for the player, implementing a stunning UI design or an immersive AI is crucial. Something that can interact with the player, whether friend or foe. This adds to the fervor to the most part of the virtual reality world. An example can be opening doors, investigating paths, hiding from guards, etc. As for the UI, it gives an engaging and otherworldly aspect that really adds to the interactivity to the virtual reality world.

Watch the video below of a sample Environment in VR.

As (game developer) game developers, the programming goes hand-in-hand with the virtual reality design. Especially for the well-being of the player, we want to create an immersive gameplay where they can enjoy the virtual reality world without having them fall under motion sickness. Dizziness and nausea are kept to a low minimum, leaving the player to focus on nothing but enjoying the game.

CGI & CGI Animation

“Computers don’t create computer animation any more than a pencil creates pencil animation. What creates computer animation is the artist.” -John Lasseter (Toy Story)

As a game developer, we take pride in realism, designing our virtual reality worlds with 3D scanned and 4K resolution textures. Everything that we create whether it’s our virtual reality environments, weapons or our characters, they’re modeled in 3DS Max and Maya.

We pay close attention in making everything life-like. Every detail is accounted for in the structure of our characters, the virtual reality design, and the weapons. The effort we put into our realism, ties in with keeping the player immersed in our virtual reality world without telling it apart from reality.


The animation also plays a major role in solidifying that, As a game developer, we want to make the characters’ movements and expressions believable and realistic in the way they interact. From simply engaging to talking or walking, or collaborating in the hunt for the main player. We want the player to feel the sincere aggressiveness of the characters. Even the empathy from certain characters as well. As a game developer, we want to make it as real and touching as possible like the player is a character in a film. Running, surviving, hiding, fighting alongside or against the characters, it leaves you with an adrenaline rush.


“Arguably, the most exciting feature of “Victus Vincimus – Veteran Revenge the Game” is the director’s cut camera view and the realism of the characters. Astonishing environments, hyper-realistic CGI”

“If all other observations about the screenplay are open to debate, one is not: every screenplay is written for the camera. As Howard Rodman has argued, ‘Screenplays are, to use James Schamus’s fine phrase, ‘brutally instrumentalist.’ They either become films, or they don’t. Their worth is determined not by the quality of the writing but by which side of the previous sentence’s comma they fall on.’

One cannot expect to fully appreciate the intentions of the screenwriter if the screenplay’s relationship to the camera is not understood. Likewise, films — with few exceptions — are shot to be edited, a fact that also shapes screenwriting. As David Mamet has argued, ‘You always want to tell the story in cuts.'”

I know you’re thinking, “but it’s a VR Game, not a movie?!” The fact is long gone are the days of the old Game Development ways and methods, a principle requirement for game developers is filmmaking abilities, knowledge and/or experience!

The Story

Well, you could use novels as stories, tons of novelist would love to see their novels turn into a Movie or Game! Books2Movie is a network that does just that! “THERE ARE OVER 2500 BOOKS TO MOVIES ADAPTATIONS”

It’s no secret that some of the best movies are book adaptations! There are great stories, novels waiting to be told via the right media. Moreover, it is almost impossible to envision a good film with a bad screenplay and contrary to what you may think it’s no exception to a VR Production; unless you want to remain in the confinement of the old, dying and typical game development!

Video Game Writing & Screenplays


One of the ways more and more screenwriters are taking it Digital is through involvement in the world of video games. As skilled narrators, practiced in the art and experienced in the craft, the screenwriter’s powerful narrative drive is an asset to video game creation and development.

One of the essential points we’ve learned over the last years is that, when it comes to affiliated virtual content, the earlier the writer is involved in the process, the greater it is for the end product.

Only the screenwriter launches with a blank page. And through creative imagination and skill, the screenwriter creates the blueprint that is the foundation of every audio-visual work. The scripts that screenwriters create are the launch point of developments.

A professional screenwriter has experience creating rounded characters and full narrative arcs. Including a writer at the beginning of the innovative process ensures that the game’s script will be fulfilling, and satisfying for the player.

Experienced screenwriters are adapted to creating the narrative impetus that compels the player to stick with the game, to “turn the page,” and not “switch off” and “flip channels.”

Screenwriters are also acquainted to the joint method and have experience working with other members of a production team to create a unified vision, and working with other talented creative to bring their different skills together for a unified project. They are competent team players.

Screenwriters are versatile. They are used to shifting between styles, duration, layouts, and programs. They may work on a police procedural one week, a comedy or a children’s drama the next, and then a blockbuster science fiction property after that. No matter the genre, you’ll be getting an accomplished author with the chops to manage any sort of storytelling your property may require.

What Kind of Video Game Writing Do Screenwriters Carry out?

Generally, video game developing jobs fall within three groups:

  • The Lead or Narrative Designer similar to a television program’s “Show-runner” –
  • Usually on the game for several years –
  • Creates the preliminary story (solely or with the producers/art or game creators) –
  • Creates the Bible –
  • Makes the pitch, treatment, world-building, and game objectives (which may have no or diverse titles in gaming studios) –
  • May compose some crucial scenes, goals, events, or cinematic –
  • Looks after the episode/mission writers –
  • May also be the game artist –
  • Commonly a compensated job or company employee
  • Anecdotal Writers – Writes episodes/missions/events under the direction of the Narrative Designer or Producer –
  • Usually a freelancer – Is sometimes a coder/artist/intern who wants to try his/her hand at writing



A good script, creative editing and brevity are what makes a good trailer. The trailer should visually hint at what takes place in the story-line rather than literally explaining all the details. A well edited trailer keeps the story moving and ensures that the trailer isn’t too short or too long in duration. Music selection and Hyper-realistic Graphics (Characters and Environments) is vital for a successful trailer.

Animated game trailers give an audience a taste of what a video game will be about and give animators an opportunity to entice potential clients. In-game animated cinema and cut-scenes offer even more creativity and content in an already-exciting form of entertainment. Short movies in games can be utilized, no matter the type of game, bolsters the value and provides a method to engage the player even further than before.

Trailers Can Promote and Market the Game

Much like a film, you need a way to showcase your game and create a buzz before launch. With animated game trailers, you can show off gameplay and give a taste of what your product will offer. If you are making a fighting game, professional animators can create thrilling trailers that incorporate clips or footage of some of the playable characters in a match.

An animated explainer video could compare the idea of a game trailer, which is a short clip that describes and details a product or a service. Since many trailers don’t need to show footage of someone actually playing the game, animators are free to show off the virtual reality world, the characters, and give an idea of the style of gameplay to explain the game to viewers. It is an effective way to market to a highly visual audience.

There is no innovation and creativity without failure. Period.

The fear of failure is a mind trap, we have to find in us the courage to innovate for the love of creativity and personal achievement! Brene Brown

I will sign off with this quote from William Pollard; Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable. William Pollard


Till next time.

All the Best!

Hostan “The Hawk” Gouthier 


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