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The Town Of Forever – Chronicles of Jacob Dark

the town of forever


From the beginning of his life Jacob Dark has struggled with evil. From his dysfunctional childhood through his formative teenage years Jacob is plagued with darkness and despair, a burden that no person, much less a child should have to bear. Madness is subjective; everyone experiences it at some level. Jacob’s battle between madness and sanity will take him on a journey where he will confront his own personal demons. Are they an illusion or is Jacob in a fight for his life against an ancient evil? What type of hell is unleashed upon the earth will be decided by what Jacob does. Either to stop it or let it consume everything and everyone. Our fate will be in his hands. —V.M. Phillips

La Jefa – Cover Illustration

La Jefa

Author: Patrick M. Harris

Synopsis:  Two good friends Erick and Zack plan a vacation to the Dominican Republic. Zack’s flight gets delayed out of Pittsburgh and he misses his connecting flight out of Miami with Erick and won’t be arriving until the next day. The first day Erick is alone in DR and meets a beautiful Dominican woman named Damani.

Books To Movies – Book Adaptation

It’s hard not to feel a little anxious when you convert precious books to movies. Yes, it’s exciting to see the story revived, but we likewise worry the movie won’t “do the book justice,” which the masses will for life link among our most valued titles with the big-screen wrong as opposed to the traditional piece of literary works.

Who is the Coolest Actor of All time?

There have been a lot of amazing and cool actors for many years, however some actors transcend the common star cool and also establish brand-new levels in our collective social understanding of cool. They have an imperturbable style, as well as the capability to make every person in the room stop and stare simply because they walk in the door.They are human magnets, as well as whether they’re all pumped up and fresh off a film shoot, or whether they’re old as well as feeble, they’re still so cool that they can take your girlfriend in a heartbeat, beat you up and you would certainly still request their autograph.

Jade Phoenix & CGI Marketing

The eyes are the window to the soul– unless that eye belongs to a CGI animated character. but producing anything photo-realistic is still an incredible challenge. JADE is the lead actor/character for the action – sci-fi motion picture “the Superhero”

Does Playing Violent Video Games Affects Aggressiveness Permanently?



The Grand Theft Auto video games series is one of the most rewarding titles of all time. With profits summing up to $800 million in the initial 24 hours of purchase of its most recent video game release. This video game is also famous for its brutality; it stays one of the only games where a player can inquire the services of a prostitute and then beat her to death to get back the cash.

Due to its level of popularity and the level of brutality, the game is often the concentration of focus in the course of these discussions (e.g. Kutner & Olson, 2008). The public wants to know what impact is in participating in VVGs like Grand Theft Auto 5 contains.

Tips on How To Create A Matte Painting

What is matte painting?

Commonly, matte paintings were made by artists making use of paints or pastels on huge sheets of glass for incorporating with the live-action video footage in movies.

As the ages passed, the innovation has developed as well as helped in creating some groundbreaking matte paintings for the movies like Avatar, Indiana Jones. The films environments were produced by artists such as Linwood G. Dunn and Norman Dawn.

Col. Edward Ivory Johnson

Synopsis : VICTUS VINCIMUS is a military action, science fiction drama depicting the emotional horrors of war, the anguish of separation.

Meet “Edward Johnson” an intelligent young man drafted as one of the Tuskegee Red Tail Air Fighters for WWII.

New Computer Animation Trends – CGI Animation

Whether CG or typical, computer animation isn’t nearly the big Hollywood movies. It’s a discipline in demand across a variety of media networks, from apps to marketing, websites to videos.

From applications to on the internet ads to cinema films, these computer animation fads are ready to dominate.

Superman Is Zeus – Part I

First and foremost we must critically study the contrast between Greek gods and goddesses, heroes and myths to today’s superheroes, especially the misconceptions, sirens and therefore heroes to contemporary superheroes. We need (if possible) to produce and, therefore, create unique personalities that help the modern arena.