Welcome to BEATS OF HELL'S "VICTUS VINCIMUS" Saga & Films You're entering into an unparalleled Virtual Reality dimension, in order to experience the most out of Victus Vincimus, here are a few important specs of this game. VR TESTED: HTC Vive GPU: NVidia 1070 FPS: 44 Default PC Controls: WASD About "METATRON" the AI AGENT: METATRON is the AI/Deep Reinforcement Learning agent that Victus Vincimus' experience is heavily centered upon, it is a highly intelligent A.I & VR experience which will have the player immersed completely into the VV VR world, especially once it reaches its full capability in the unlocked mode (only then will players experience its full interactive potential). As for right now, you can tour the VV Virtual Reality environment along with experiencing a basic interactivity with the environment (e.g, opening doors, using flash lights, walking around the environment). Please watch the video first prior your Odyssey.   About the Asylum: MSGT. John McAlister (Iraq Vet.) was captured and brought to a blacksite to be experimented upon and turned into a super soldier when a voice from afar suddenly awakened him, resulting in him trying to escape and fight his way out the Asylum (in this mission you're essentially finding your way out of the Asylum if you can!). * As MSGT. John McAlister, you're fighting for your freedom and you will be encountering guards and extraterrestrials within the Asylum. * As Capt. Ivory Johnson (who fought in WWI, WWII, and other past wars), you are the Infiltrator assisting MSGT. John McAlister towards freedom.