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Superman Is Zeus – Part I

First and foremost we must critically study the contrast between Greek gods and goddesses, heroes and myths to today’s superheroes, especially the misconceptions, sirens and therefore heroes to contemporary superheroes. We need (if possible) to produce and, therefore, create unique personalities that help the modern arena.

The objective of the  “SUPERHERO ” movie is to demonstrate the relationship of most superheroes with the deities of the past. The instigation through the deceptive nature of our world, the undeniable and elusive quest for a hero!

[su_heading size=”15″]The question is; what’s our attraction to SUPERHEROES?[/su_heading]

“Les hommes ne sont pas nés du caprice ou de la volonté des dieux, au contraire, les dieux doivent leur existence à la croyance des hommes. Que cette foi s’éteigne et les dieux meurent.

 Men are not born of the whim or will of the gods, on the contrary, gods owe their existence to the belief of men. Should this belief wither, the gods will die.” (Voltaire)


As we discuss and research cult-favorite movies and comic-book personas, they are likely to come across matured component including intense material and skimpy superhero attire. (Parental Guidance is Required) Yeah right!

Take into consideration superhero movies out of the early few years based on DC Comics and Marvel Comics personalities.

All these films have grossed in whole (according to Wikipedia); be advised it may not be 100 % exact, the overall figure is a whopping $7,272,851,573. What does this estimated number tell us about the modern-day popularity of “Greek god-like” superheroes? Yes, it’s BIG!

The fact is Greek gods and heroes are the targets of some of the most fantastic myths in history. Their exploits were discussed for hundreds of years utilizing spoken word, composed poems and writing, and even stage and film fabrications. The timeless fables of evil versus good are classic, as is the public’s longing for thrilling narratives regarding heroes and their victories. The Titans (the most well-known of the Greek gods and goddesses) laid out the foundation for the superheroes we enjoy today.

The ancient Greeks were polytheistic or pagans, signifying they worshiped numerous gods. They also narrated many stories (myths) about the gods, which in turn were meant to lead humanistic tendencies and teach regarding the connection between gods and humans.

The Greek gods temple or pantheon is vast and complex; there is a relation between superheroes and the gods; heroes and gods are relative!


Superman is Zeus

Today, we idolize superheroes in the same methods we once worshiped the gods. Okay, so maybe we’re not casting virgins in a pit of fire as some sort of sacrifice, but it’s hard to deny that Comic-Con feels similar to a sacred religious experience; for several  its like a Biblical Dogma.

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Wondering regarding the reasons behind the appeal of the highest-grossing films. Undoubtedly the outstanding production quality of a movie and its level of critical praise have a lot to do with its commercial success! Click here to see the list of superhero movies Hollywood produced in the past years.

Check out the short clip of Jade Phoenix below, one of the leading characters for the upcoming “The Superhero” Series.


[su_heading size=”15″ align=”left”]GODS & SUPERHEROES OR SUPERHEROES & GODS[/su_heading]

Looking even deeper, you’ll start to see perhaps even more similarities between the JUSTICE LEAGUE and the Greek hierarchy or pantheon of gods. And it’s not just the apparent ones (such as Aquaman and Poseidon) that one was pretty obvious, as a matter of fact; all twelve major Olympian gods have a version of themselves.  We believed it would certainly be entertaining to take a look at how the two hierarchies assess up with each other; you’ll see, it’s mind-boggling!


zues and superman

Check out for the second part of this article. Do check back and learn more on GODS & SUPERHEROES OR SUPERHEROES & GODS.

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