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Game Developer 2.0 – Learning CGI Animations

Game Developer 2.0

–  is a recap on how as an Indie game developer (Natural Records Studios) develop our upcoming game Victus Vincimus Veterans Revenge Game. As a game developer, we focus on creating a unique VR experience for the game development. As we all know VR is a highly growing platform not only for the gaming industry but as well as  on Education, Marketing, Military and other applicable sectors.

Computer Animation Compared to Traditional Animation

The differences between computer animation compared to traditional animation boil down to the creation process. Various skill sets are involved to develop traditional animation as opposed to computer animation. However, techniques associated with traditional animation are making their way into computer animation.

The Future Of CGI Animation: Virtual Reality

There has been an intensified attention in virtual reality which has led to some amazing new innovations for society as a whole. This technological innovation is viewed as a major contender rather than something which belongs in sci-fi films and games only.

Virtual reality has a wide array of apps which range from gaming and entertainment through to medicine, engineering, military training, scientific visualization and business.

Cinematic Gaming And Beyond

CGI Animation, Cinematic Gaming And Beyond

The procedure of animation is long and complicated. A normal  Game online takes 2 to 5 years to finish. NRS’s Cinematic Gaming and procedure is a style procedure, rotating iterations of preparing as well as application, all fixated narration.

NRS’s process is based upon several fundamental techniques. Games are visually developed, meaning their process is one that commemorates visual discussion rather than narrative. They utilize standard abilities, like drawing, painting, modeling and also narration in their preparation process.

Digital Matte Paintings Basics

How Matte Paintings are Composited into Motion Picture

Ever wonder how those incredible scenes of panoramic vistas, impossible futuristic cities, or fantastic alien worlds come to life? It’s all through the magic of matte painting. Digital Matte Painting is a huge creative field that can add wonder and excitement to static film shots.

CGI Animation Is Here To Stay

CGI Animated Films

9 years ago Tim Burton’s The Nightmare before Xmas (Selick, 1993), impressed animators as well as movie critics with its spectacular proficiency of stop-motion animation (cgi animated films). Combined with the Oscar won that year by The Incorrect Trousers (Park, 1993), it might have appeared that stop-motion, for several years a computer animation strategy mainly constrained to tv advertising campaigns (and art-house shorts from Eastern Europe) was at last ending up being a significant rival to traditional (cel) animation.

Jade Phoenix & CGI Marketing

The eyes are the window to the soul– unless that eye belongs to a CGI animated character. but producing anything photo-realistic is still an incredible challenge. JADE is the lead actor/character for the action – sci-fi motion picture “the Superhero”

Col. Edward Ivory Johnson

Synopsis : VICTUS VINCIMUS is a military action, science fiction drama depicting the emotional horrors of war, the anguish of separation.

Meet “Edward Johnson” an intelligent young man drafted as one of the Tuskegee Red Tail Air Fighters for WWII.

New Computer Animation Trends – CGI Animation

Whether CG or typical, computer animation isn’t nearly the big Hollywood movies. It’s a discipline in demand across a variety of media networks, from apps to marketing, websites to videos.

From applications to on the internet ads to cinema films, these computer animation fads are ready to dominate.

Superman Is Zeus – Part I

First and foremost we must critically study the contrast between Greek gods and goddesses, heroes and myths to today’s superheroes, especially the misconceptions, sirens and therefore heroes to contemporary superheroes. We need (if possible) to produce and, therefore, create unique personalities that help the modern arena.