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Game Developer 2.0 – Learning CGI Animations

Game Developer 2.0

–  is a recap on how as an Indie game developer (Natural Records Studios) develop our upcoming game Victus Vincimus Veterans Revenge Game. As a game developer, we focus on creating a unique VR experience for the game development. As we all know VR is a highly growing platform not only for the gaming industry but as well as  on Education, Marketing, Military and other applicable sectors.

CGI Animation Is Here To Stay

CGI Animated Films

9 years ago Tim Burton’s The Nightmare before Xmas (Selick, 1993), impressed animators as well as movie critics with its spectacular proficiency of stop-motion animation (cgi animated films). Combined with the Oscar won that year by The Incorrect Trousers (Park, 1993), it might have appeared that stop-motion, for several years a computer animation strategy mainly constrained to tv advertising campaigns (and art-house shorts from Eastern Europe) was at last ending up being a significant rival to traditional (cel) animation.

Jade Phoenix & CGI Marketing

The eyes are the window to the soul– unless that eye belongs to a CGI animated character. but producing anything photo-realistic is still an incredible challenge. JADE is the lead actor/character for the action – sci-fi motion picture “the Superhero”

Col. Edward Ivory Johnson

Synopsis : VICTUS VINCIMUS is a military action, science fiction drama depicting the emotional horrors of war, the anguish of separation.

Meet “Edward Johnson” an intelligent young man drafted as one of the Tuskegee Red Tail Air Fighters for WWII.

New Computer Animation Trends – CGI Animation

Whether CG or typical, computer animation isn’t nearly the big Hollywood movies. It’s a discipline in demand across a variety of media networks, from apps to marketing, websites to videos.

From applications to on the internet ads to cinema films, these computer animation fads are ready to dominate.

Superman Is Zeus – Part I

First and foremost we must critically study the contrast between Greek gods and goddesses, heroes and myths to today’s superheroes, especially the misconceptions, sirens and therefore heroes to contemporary superheroes. We need (if possible) to produce and, therefore, create unique personalities that help the modern arena.

The Art Of Matte Painting

Matte Painting

A matte painting is a painted representation of a landscape, set, or distant location that allows filmmakers to create the illusion of an environment that is nonexistent in real life or would otherwise be too expensive or impossible to build or visit. [wikipedia]

Super-Realistic CGI Rendering Through KeyShot

Keyshot CGI Rendering

Computer-generated imagery are moving out of movie theaters and into supplier racks and then catalog pages, thanks to a software program that makes it nearly impossible to identify the actual from the photo-realistic cgi rendering.

The Power Of Color Grading As Well as The Advantage It Can Have On Your Job

Color Grading give such an impact on any photos or motion clips. If you only know how much it can significantly change the mood. It changes the feeling it brings to you from a photograph or a film scene you are watching, you wouldn’t believe how helpful this application does to your entire presentation.

What is CGI Animation


CGI animation or computer-generated imagery animation

is the use of computers to establish computer animated graphics for special effects on motion pictures and video game graphics. CGI animation is applied not only in films like “Toy Story” and “Shrek,” but also in virtual reality, theme parks, and scientific search. For those looking for an occupation or those who simply want to acquire a new hobby, CGI animation is an interesting, thrilling field with lots of room for expansion and development. It calls for costly devices and software. Considering that technology is ever evolving, you have to keep pace with new development if you want to excel in CGI animation.