VINCENT M. PHILLIPS was born in Springfield, Tennessee on January 6, 1972. The 80’s and 90’s was a great time growing up in west Nashville. Mr. Phillips made lifelong friends and met the love of his life Angela, who is a major supporter of him and his writing.

Mr. Phillips first big influence in writing was his English teacher from Hillwood High School who encouraged him to keep working towards being an accomplished author.

Also contributing to Mr. Phillips writing style are his three favorite authors King, Koontz and Clive Barker. Mr. Phillips currently lives in a small community in Joelton, Tennessee with his wife and two kids. Click Here to Read V.M. Phillips Reference Letter


Some musicians Mark has worked with include Grammy award winning drummer/producer Craig Krampf, (Melissa Etheridge, Little Richard, etc..). Drummer/ songwriter Pete Barbeau, (Celine Dion, Jon Bon Jovi, David Foster) Clayton Ivey, (producer, composer with many artists such as Toby Keith, Kenny Rogers, Willie Nelson, etc..) Blues guitar great/artist Tony Sarno. Recording artist Essra Mohawk, (who has worked with Frank Zappa, Jerry Garcia Band, “Schoolhouse Rock”.)

Mark plays fret-less and fretted basses and is available for sessions, live work, email sessions, and other collaborations either remotely or in person. Styles include: All popular, groove, ambient, house, deep, gospel, jazz influenced sounds. Originally from the NYC metropolitan area, and currently residing in Franklin, TN.

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In 2014, Peter moved to San Diego where he currently works full time as a recording engineer. Because of his experience as a performer and his formal music education, Peter understands recording from the perspective of the artist and engineer. He strives for a big sound focusing on clarity, energy, and excitement while staying true to the music and the artist’s sound and vision. Peter values and respects the privilege of being entrusted with presenting other people’s art, and loves to be able to take part in other people’s music.


Some Kind of Lover’ is a fun and infectious song that captures a classic energy and feel. Great music that is true to itself and (Hostan Gouthier)The Hawk’s vision. – Peter Duff


As a trumpet player, composer, arranger, and educator, Mark Morgan is continually gaining recognition as a thriving young artist. Always looking to expand his musical repertoire, Mark is fluent in a variety of musical styles ranging from musical theater to authentic New York salsa.

While he is most known for his soulful live performances, his creative talents extend further. Various collegiate ensembles, as well as many New York based performing ensembles, have performed Mr. Morgan’s compositions and arrangements.


As a horn player, SKL is the type of track that we love playing over. This track proves that funk never goes out of style with an infectious bass line and strings layered on top. This song definitely has soul. – Mark Morgan